Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to add a full screen image background in openstores

Follow these steps to add a full screen image background like the Flower Background demo site.

1. Login your store Admin Panel, and select menu 'Theme-Layout' -> 'Theme and Layouts'.
2. Click the 'design' button next to the editing theme to open the design window.
3. Scroll down to the 'Global Styles' section. Click the plus icon to expand the Global styles edit form.

4. Click the icon next to the 'Body Images' to add a new row in the image table. Click the upload icon under the 'Image' column to upload the background image.
As seen in the screenshot - tick the 'Display' checkbox, enter 100% into Height box, select 'Back' in the Layer dropdown, select 'Window' in the 'Related Position' dropdown, and Select to show in 'All Pages'.

5. Save the theme before publishing it.


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