Thursday, 12 June 2014

Design How-to: How to customise the menu items

OpenStores design how-to: How to customise the menu items

1. Login your store Admin Panel, and select menu 'Theme-Layout' -> 'Theme and Layouts'.
2. Click the 'design' button next to the editing theme to open the design window.
3. Scroll down to the Add menus section within the design window. Select either 'Standard Top Menu' or 'Category Dropdown menu' from the content drop down list and add it into the Top area.

4. Scroll up to see the newly added menu. Click the pen icon located at the top right corner of the menu. The menu edit form will be expanded under the menu. Open the menu item edit window by clicking the pen icon next to the 'Menu'.

5. Add new items or remove any existing items. Move up or down to reorder the menu.
The middle drop down list contains the system pages, such as the My account, Check out, and Basket pages, as well as the self-defined static pages and product category pages. But if you would like to add an menu item to the external web site such as Facebook or Blog, enter the full URL (starts with http:// or https://) in the External URL box.

6. After finished editing save and return to the main design window. The updated menu items will be displayed in the design window. Remember to save the theme before publishing to the storefront.

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